History Vision Statement

Vision Statement

At Crawford Village, our vision is that the teaching of history gives pupils an understanding of the past through learning about human achievements and experiences. We aim to give our children a history curriculum which enables them to become confident, creative and independent learners. We seek to broaden children's real-life experiences both inside and outside of school through educational visits, visitors, experimentation, exploration and discovery. We believe that within history lessons, our children acquire a range of knowledge and skills, which they can then apply to other subjects and in a variety of situations.

Curriculum Intent

At Crawford Village, we aim for our children to develop a curiosity and fascination to find out more about our local past and that of Britain’s and the wider world. We strive to ensure all children have a fundamental understanding of key periods in history and to learn to ask appropriate questions about why things happen in the past and the impact of those events. Our teaching equips pupils with a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. Children will learn about ancient civilisations and empires, changes in living memory and beyond living memory, learn about the lives of significant people and events in the past. We want our children to enjoy and love learning about history by gaining knowledge and skills through ‘WOW’ starters, objects and artefacts, experiences in the classroom and educational visits.

Curriculum Implementation

Our history curriculum is taught in blocks over a range of different topics throughout the year on a 3 year rolling cycle; this allows children to develop depth in their learning and expand on existing knowledge. Teachers are aware of the key knowledge and skills of each topic and careful consideration has been given to ensure progression across years and classes.

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