Foundation Baseline Assessment

What is the reception baseline assessment?

The reception baseline assessment is a new national assessment that will be administered in reception classes in all primary, infant and first schools in England. This will form the baseline for primary progress measures, allowing schools to receive credit for the progress their pupils make throughout their time in primary school. It is intended that this will be introduced in autumn 2020.

Why is it being introduced?

Currently, a key measure of how well a primary school is serving its pupils is the progress that they make between the end of key stage 1 (year 2) and the end of key stage 2 (year 6). This allows the government to take account of the fact that schools face different challenges given their pupils’ starting points. The new reception baseline assessment will provide a snapshot of where pupils are when they arrive at school, enabling a new starting point to measure the progress that they make by the end of year 6. It will also enable the Department for Education (DfE) to remove statutory end of key stage 1 assessments, as they will no longer be the starting point for progress measures.

An information video for parents about the reception baseline assessment (RBA) can be found here.  This will provide information to help yopu, as parents to understand a little more about what the assessment is, how it will be carried out and why it is being introduced.

A pilot for the assessment is being carriued out in September 2019.   At Crawford Village Primary School, we have taken the decision to be part of this pilot as we feel this presents an opportunity to start to understand what the baseline will mean for our school in more detail.

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