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School Council Tuck Shop 

Our fantastic school council have been busy creating and carrying out pupil surveys to see which healthy snacks were most sought after to stock our tuck shop with. We now stock flapjacks, fruit rolls and popcorn, ranging in price from 80p- £1. Remember to bring your money each Thursday to enjoy a tasty healthy treat at first break!


Children in Need 2021

A huge well done to our absolutely wonderful school council who organised our Children in Need day. Through wearing our own clothes and selling toys we no longer play with, we raised over £140! 

Children in need class 2.jpg


Children in need class 3.jpg

Children in need toy sale.jpg

Red Nose Day Quiz 2021

Our fantastic School Council have worked hard to create a quiz for everybody in school to enjoy. Following on from the success of the Christmas quiz, the School Council hosted a Red Nose Day Special. They have now raised over £30 for charity. Well done to our wonderful School Council! 


About Our School Council


Our School Council consists of a number of children from years 1-6 who represent all the children in our school.  They were elected democratically in the Autumn term and have since been allocated specific roles on the council.  Our current members are pictured above:

We meet every fortnight to talk about ideas we have to support charity events, fund-raise for things we would like in school and to discuss other ways in which we can make our school even better.   Previously, our fundraising efforts helped to raise money to buy a hen house for our Crawford hens and for a soldier silhouette for our Remembrance Day display. 

If any children have ideas for us to work on, please speak to any member of the council.



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