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Hi, my name is Luna and I am in Year 6. I am chair of school council. My favourite colour is mint green and my favourite animal is a snake.

Hi, my name is Mia and I am in Year 6. My favourite colour is lilac and my favourite animal is a horse.

Hi, I’m Fin and I am in Year 5. I am really happy to be part of the school council. my favourite colours are blue, green and black and my favourite animal is a sloth.

Hi my name is Dash and I am in Year 4. My favourite colour is orange and my favourite animal is a red panda.

Hi my name is Freddie and I am in Year 3. My favourite colour is red and my favourite animal is a dog.

Hi my name is Phoebe and I am in Year 2. My favourite colour is turquoise and my favourite animal is a dog. 

Hi my name is Ivy and I am in Year 1. My favourite colour is blue and my favourite animal is a giraffe.

We have had an extremely successful half-term. Luna and Mia have created a short report highlighting these. 


  • We held elections for our school councillors
  • Our school councillors are:
  • Luna
  • Mia
  • Finley
  • Dash
  • Freddie
  • Phoebe
  • Ivy


  • We held 4 official meeting as school council.
  • Making lots of plans to improve our school
  • Such as:
  • Snack shack
  • The Crawford run


  • We led 2 assemblies launching our new ideas the school could do to raise money for charities.

Rebranded the Tuck Shop:

  • We renamed tuck shop now it is called snack shack.
  • Snack shack is a massive hit within our school
  • We have got together to organise new stock for Snack Shack.

The Crawford Run:

  • The Crawford run was once called the Daily mile but school council renamed that too.
  • Class1= 5 minutes a day.
  • Class2 =10 minutes a day.
  • Class3 = try to complete the full mile each day.

New Charity Event:

  • We got approval from staff to launch a new fun game called Penny Wars.
  • It will start after half term break.
  • This is a game design to make donating money more fun and interesting.
  • The donations we collect will be given to the Guide Dogs charity.

Thank you for reading, we hope you found it useful. Theres is a powerpoint version below.

School Council Tuck Shop -  The Snack Shack!

Our School Council have been extremely busy rebranding the school's tuck shop as 'The Snack Shack.' The school council did an amazing job launching the newly branded Snack Shack in assembly, I have attached their increbible powerpoint below. 
The snack shack is open every thursday at first breaktime and will sell healthy snacks such as: popcorn, fruit yo-yos, fruit bear paws and tangy yo-yos. We are in the process of ordering a wider variety of healthy snacks, watch this space.
Everything is £1. Remember to bring your money each Thursday to enjoy a tasty healthy treat at first break!

The Crawford Run - 2022

We have also rebranded the daily mile this year and have had a big relaunch this half-term. Each class will take part in the Crawford run each day in an attempt to stay as activie as possible and promote a healthy lifestyle. This relaunch has been completed in conjunction with our wonderful sports ambassadors.  

Children in Need 2021

A huge well done to our absolutely wonderful school council who organised our Children in Need day. Through wearing our own clothes and selling toys we no longer play with, we raised over £140! 

Children in need class 2.jpg


Children in need class 3.jpg

Children in need toy sale.jpg

Red Nose Day Quiz 2021

Our fantastic School Council have worked hard to create a quiz for everybody in school to enjoy. Following on from the success of the Christmas quiz, the School Council hosted a Red Nose Day Special. They have now raised over £30 for charity. Well done to our wonderful School Council! 


About Our School Council

Our School Council consists of a number of children from years 1-6 who represent all the children in our school.  They were elected democratically in the Autumn term and have since been allocated specific roles on the council.  Our current members are pictured above:

We meet every fortnight to talk about ideas we have to support charity events, fund-raise for things we would like in school and to discuss other ways in which we can make our school even better. Previously, our fundraising efforts helped to raise money to buy a hen house for our Crawford hens and for a soldier silhouette for our Remembrance Day display. 

If any children have ideas for us to work on, please speak to any member of the council.



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