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Welcome to Class One

Nursery and Reception

Autumn Term 2019

Welcome back, everyone! We hope you have had a fabulous half term, and are ready for another exciting few weeks leading up to Christmas.

Our topic this half term is 'Nursery Rhymes'. We decided to dedicate a whole half term for this topic as nursery rhymes play a big part in early development. Singing nursery rhymes can also help develop children’s social skills as it is a great opportunity for children to get to know their peers. Sitting next to one another and holding hands during the song, 'Row, Row, Row your Boat' is ideal for helping develop those social skills. As children develop at different rates, using nursery rhymes will support children’s communication and language development at whatever stage they are at.  For example, older children may be beginning to learn to rhyme, whereas younger children may still be at the stage of learning new words.

Introducing children to a variety of nursery rhymes can help them understand and learn about different sounds. This is an important part of developing those early literacy skills. Listening to different sounds in the environment, as well as in nursery rhymes, provides children with the foundations in helping them to read and write.

As nursery rhymes are fun and full of sounds, children will tune into these sounds. Older children will experiment in combining sounds and blend them together to form a word.

Overall, nursery rhymes and songs have a huge impact on children’s language and communication development. Children relish in listening to songs full of rhyming, rhythm and repetition. By singing songs containing these core elements it is helping boost children’s language, communications and literacy development.

So why is singing nursery rhymes and songs important?

  • Children learn new words
  • Develop their non-verbal communications skills
  • Learn early maths skills
  • Children understand how words are formed
  • Enables children to copy actions
  • It boasts children's language, communication and literacy skills
  • Helps develop children’s social skills
  • Children learn about different beats and rhythms
  • Provides the opportunity for children to value language and become confident learners.
  • Creates a close relationship between adult and child

Alongside our Nursery Rhyme topic, we will have some other sub topics, which include:

  • Halloween
  • Diwali
  • Winter
  • Christmas

Our Nursery children will be continuing Phase 1 phonics this term and Reception will be starting Phase 3. The Reception children will be continuing improving their fine motor skills as we start to write our CVC words.

We will be concentrating on numbers 5-10 this term to get the children to really understand these numbers. The children will have lots of opportunities to practise these skills throughout continuous provision activities.

Useful Links

Home Learning

Reading - Our aim is to develop a love of reading. We encourage you to read with your child regularly - this can be both listening to them read and by having bed-time stories read to them. Reading should be a fun and enjoyable process for you and your child to develop together. 

During class time your child will experience listening to fantastic stories regulary and they will also have numerous oppotunities to read to an adult and discuss them. We have a wide range of exciting books within school to support each child's reading ability. 

Books will be changed twice weekly.

Phonics - Each child will be given a Phonics book. Inside will be all the letter sounds that your child has learned in class so far. New sounds will be added when a new letter is introduced to them. Please look though the book together to help embed their phonic knowledge. Together you could look round the house for objects that begin with a paticular letter sound.

Homework - Homework books are handed out on a Friday and must be handed in by the following Thursday ready for the next homework to be sent.

Please look at our Forest School page to find out when the Forest School sessions are!!

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Class 1

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