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Miss Edwards

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Welcome to Class One

Nursery and Reception

Spring Term 2020

Welcome back, everyone! We hope you have had a fantastic break and are ready for another exciting new half term in Class 1  

Our topic this half term is 'Let it Grow'. This topic is heavily linked to our Understanding of the World objectives taken from the EYFS curriculum. 

Through the childrens intrests, we will be looking at recycling alongside our main topic. The children have shown great excitement in learning about looking after our planet.

Understanding of the World is about how children get to know about other people, the place where they live and about all aspects of the environment.

In the Revised Early Years Foundation Stage, Understanding the World is broken down into three aspects:

  • People and Communities
  • The World
  • Technology

Finding out about the world around them is what babies and young children do very effectively when they investigate by touching, holding or pressing things and by climbing on and jumping off things. Older children love to explore and investigate how and why things work and to test out their ideas of what will happen if they do a particular thing like pouring more and more water into a container, for example.

People and communities

As children learn about the world around them they find out about the past through talking to parents, grandparents and friends and they develop an interest in their own story as well as the stories in their family – this is the beginning of developing an understanding of the past and helps them to learn about how other people are different from them, yet share some of the same characteristics and ideas.

The World

Understanding of the world develops as children take notice of everything around them including places and all the things within them such as trees in the natural environment and roads and traffic in the built environment. Finding out about places begins initially when a child learns about their own home and the things nearby, then later as children notice things on journeys to and from home – such as the sequence of the traffic lights or names on street signs. This awareness is extended by visiting places and finding out about different elements of environments in books, on TV and through using other technology. This aspect also focuses on learning about cause and effect and is developed through having conversations with adults and other children about the things they observe.


Technology has become commonplace for many families and children often see and use it quite naturally when they activate a toy such as an ambulance or police car to make a siren sound. Recognising the role of technology at home or in a setting is important because this helps children to identify the different types of technology and what they are useful for.

A taste of some activities we will be learning about include;

  • Observing plants grow in a variety of ways 
  • A walk to the local garden centre
  • Observe and compare how other species grow

Our Nursery children will be continuing Phase 1 phonics this term and Reception will be consolodating Phase 3 phonics and entering Phase 4 phonics. The Reception children will be continuing improving their fine motor skills as we continue to practise cursive letters.

We will be consolodating our number knowledge on numbers 5-10 this term to get the children to really understand these numbers and how to make them. The children will have lots of opportunities to practise these skills throughout continuous provision activities. We will also be introducing time and money through our maths sessions.

P.E. will take place on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Please ensure your child has their P.E. kit in on those days (including navy joggers and sweatshirts when the weather is colder).  Thank you.

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Home Learning

Reading - Our aim is to develop a love of reading. We encourage you to read with your child regularly - this can be both listening to them read and by having bed-time stories read to them. Reading should be a fun and enjoyable process for you and your child to develop together. 

During class time your child will experience listening to fantastic stories regulary and they will also have numerous oppotunities to read to an adult and discuss them. We have a wide range of exciting books within school to support each child's reading ability. 

We aim to send two reading books home weekly dependent on each child individual needs.

Phonics - Each child will be given a Phonics book. Inside will be all the letter sounds that your child has learned in class so far. New sounds will be added when a new letter is introduced to them. Please look though the book together to help embed their phonic knowledge. Together you could look round the house for objects that begin with a paticular letter sound. Please practice the letter sounds and tricky words with your child.

Please look at our Forest School page to find out when the Forest School sessions are!!

Kind Regards

Class 1


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