Enrichment Activities

As part of our vibrant curriculum, we offer a wide range of extra-curricular clubs. Whether your child is interested in sport, creative arts, music or the outdoors, there’ll be a club for them. A range of seasonal sports clubs are offered and delivered by sports specialists from the West Lancashire School Sport Partnership. These clubs not only provide opportunities to develop sporting skills but also emphasis the importance of team work, enthusiasm and perseverance.

Our clubs include dancing, singing, gardening, yoga and our 'Chicken' club , where the children get to help look after our two chickens - Mabel and Penny. Our highly successful brass club and choir perform annually at the “Proms” hosted by a local secondary school.  We also make an annual trip to Young Voices where we enjoy being a part of the 'World's Largest Choir'.

Annual residential visits are offered to older children. These multi-activity breaks provide a huge range of thrilling adventure activities designed to help children build confidence, learn new skills and strengthen friendships.

“A supportive environment for children to learn, lots of new initiatives to engage pupils.

Excellent committed staff.” Parent




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