The range of home / school tasks varies throughout the school, according to the age of the children.  The one thing that remains constant throughout is the fact that it can only benefit your child if we have your support and work together. The homework we give at Crawford Village is designed to reinforce and support the learning that happens during the school day. 

Homework will usually involve regular reading, spelling and mental mathematics but we will also promote opportunities for children to show creativity, imagination and enjoyment in their learning through ‘Brainbuilders’.  These are an opportunity for children to showcase their learning and understanding about a topic through any media they choose. This approach encourages the children to talk about their learning at home with family members and allows families to work together on a joint project if they wish.

Brainbuilders are set once or twice per half-term and are introduced through a whole class lesson.  So far, we have celebrated 3D models, sheets, stories, poems, paper craft and lots more – some of which can be seen on display in school.

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