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Welcome to Class Two

 Years 1, 2 & 3          


Our topic for the first half od the summer term is “The Iron Man”, which will be the theme for the children’s learning in design technology, science, art and design, and music.  The science element will focus on non-contact forces(magnets) and how different surfaces affect movement. In design technology, the children will be looking at levers, linkages and pop up mechanisms. This will culminate in each child making a pop-up book, with a variety of moving parts, based on “The Iron Man”.  In music, the children will study the music of Marvel Studios – home to the Iron Man movie franchise. This will then lead them to investigate the impact of music on film trailers and films in general before they then compose their own music or special effects to a trailer of their choice.In art, the children will explore the role of book illustrators who bring visual impact to a text and in computing the discrete focus will be simple spreadsheets.

The topic for the second half term is “Robots” and will be the theme for the children’s learning in science, design and technology, art and design, computing and music. The science element will focus on investigations to do with the human body. The learning in the art and design technology theme will involve designing and making a 3D robot model from recycled materials. In music, children will experiment with creating their own musical notation in the form of lines and other mark making. They will use a variety of musical instruments in addition to any homemade and body percussion to enable them to explore different sound textures.  Finally, computing will be more discrete, concentrating on the subject of graphing. 

The “Farm Shop” topic will continue throughout the summer term with ongoing planting and gardening and, hopefully, harvesting their homegrown produce to sell at the school’s Summer Fayre. 

RE this term focuses on Christian rites of passage.  The children will consider the important events that have happened and will happen in their own lives and the impact that they will have upon them.  They will also learn about Sikhs and what they believe?

PE takes place on Tuesday and Friday afternoons.  Tuesday afternoons will be tennis for the first half term followed by athletics after the half term, whilst Friday’s session is Target Games (which will be delivered by a sports coach from the West Lancs School Sports Partnership).


Throughout the summer term, Y2 & Y3 will focus mainly on the measurement of time, mass and capacity along with position, direction and shape.  Year 1 will be introduced to multiplication and division, focusing on multiples of 2,5 and 10.  They will also have their first experience of fractions and time.  Number and place value continues to be developed as they move through the summer term.  All year groups will be working hard to consolidate and extend their understanding through guided sessions, group work and independent learning.  All mathematical concepts will be taught with the use of concrete resources and pictorial methods to help deepen their understanding.  Children will continue to have on going ‘problem solving’ activities embedded into their lessons, where they are encouraged to work together using the skills they have acquired to tackle problems and challenges.  Times tables are of vital importance in all aspects of maths work in school.  Please encourage your child to access games on the Times Tables Rockstars website to help their rapid recall of multiplication and division facts related to times tables.


In English, we will be reading the novel ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes.  The children will have the opportunity to explore the characters and settings within the story and continue to develop their range of vocabulary by focusing on exciting and new words within the text.  Over a period of three to four weeks, the children will have a number of guided sessions to teach them writing skills relevant to their age group.  They will then be able to practise and ultimately use their newly acquired skills in their final piece of work, which is usually written over a number of days following shared writing sessions.  We will also be focusing on ‘Recounts’ in the form of diary entries.  To support this, we will be reading a range of diary extracts such as ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ by Jeff Kinney and ‘My Secret Scrapbook Diary – Little Red Riding Hood – Fairy Tale Diaries’ by Kees Moerbeek.  During the second half of the term, the children will be able to experience a range of fantasy stories such as ‘No-Bot’ by Sue Hendra, ‘The Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot’ by Margaret McNamara and ‘The Big Bad Wolf and the Robot Pig’ by Laura North and Kevin Cross. The children will create their own robot characters to feature in a fantasy story based on a model.  We will also enjoy a range of poems which the children will be given the opportunity to learn by heart and perform in front of their peers.
Phonics is taught on a daily basis with the children grouped accordingly.  Spelling will be taught throughout these sessions.  However, there will also be a discrete session held on a weekly basis which will be linked to their spelling homework.
Guided reading sessions will take place on a Monday afternoon when children will read and study high quality texts, show their comprehension skills through discussion and be given the opportunity to enjoy their own independent reading.

Home Learning

Reading: Our aim is to develop a love of reading for all our children.  In order to support this we encourage you to read with your child regularly, both through the books they bring home from school and through regular bedtime stories.  Reading should be a fun and enjoyable process for both you and your child  to develop together.

Times Table Rockstars: In order to develop the rapid recall of multiplication and division facts realting to times tables, children from Years 2 & 3 are encouraged to access the games which have been set on their TTrockstars account.  All children have their own personal login and individually set times tables to work on.  Battles between the class groups are set weekly with rewards for the winners and top scorers.

Homework: Maths and spelling activities are set weekly.  Homework books go out every Monday to be returned to school completed by the following Monday.  Spelling tests take place every Monday.

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