Cookie dunking!!

Lesson: Science

Class: Class 2 Year: 2018 - 2019

Class 2 were introduced to the idea of Fair Testing in Science this week. The challenge was to see which cookie(Oreo, Choc Chip or Ginger Crunch) would absorb the most milk. We carried out the investigation as a whole class. First, we made our predictions as to which cookie would "win". Then we decided on what factors would remain the same and what would change. We kept the type, temperature and amount of milk(100ml) to stay the same, along with the dunking time - 2 minutes. The only thing that changed was the types of cookies.  After  two minutes dunking time, the milk was drained and recorded. The Oreo was the super absorber. The children enjoyed the investigation and were able to record their results as Bar Charts or Pictograms.

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