Our Gallery

Let It Snow!, by Mrs Eaton

'Elf'tastic!, by Mrs Hayes

It's Christmaaaas!, by Miss Davies

Delicious chocolate muffins, by Miss Aitken

Fact Finding Fun!, by Mrs Eaton

Taste testing, by Miss Aitken

Woodland Learning, by Miss Davies

Crash Landing!!!!, by Miss Davies

Mary & Joseph's to do list, by Mrs Crompton

Sports Hall Athletics Event, by Mrs Crompton

Edible Roman Roads!, by Mrs Linney

Fantastic Book Awards, by Mrs Hayes

Super Spellers!, by Mrs Hayes

Swimming Superstar!, by Mrs Hayes

Our actors of the future!, by Mrs Crompton

Syllable Hunt, by Mrs Crompton

Maths Mania!, by Mrs Hayes

Remembrance Day, by Mrs Eaton

Delicious chocolate apples, by Miss Aitken

Fantastic Book Awards, by Mrs Hayes

How kind are our class?, by Miss Davies

Democracy, by Miss Davies

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