Our Gallery

Stig of the Dump, by Mrs Crompton

Snow Fun!, by Mrs Hayes

Super Storytellers!, by Mrs Hayes

Fudgetastic!, by Mrs Hayes

Earth Layer Cake, by Mrs Eaton

Every child is an Artist, by Miss Davies

Dynamic Detectives, by Mrs Crompton

The 7 Times Table Team!, by Mrs Hayes

If I had a hammer ..., by Mrs Eaton

The Big Freeze!, by Miss Davies

Messy Fun!, by Mrs Crompton

Winnie the Pooh Day, by Mrs Hayes

Volcano Fun!, by Miss Tose

Let It Snow!, by Mrs Eaton

'Elf'tastic!, by Mrs Hayes

It's Christmaaaas!, by Miss Davies

Delicious chocolate muffins, by Miss Aitken

Fact Finding Fun!, by Mrs Eaton

Taste testing, by Miss Aitken

Woodland Learning, by Miss Davies

Crash Landing!!!!, by Miss Davies

Mary & Joseph's to do list, by Mrs Crompton

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