Our Gallery

Our actors of the future!, by Mrs Crompton

Syllable Hunt, by Mrs Crompton

Maths Mania!, by Mrs Hayes

Remembrance Day, by Mrs Eaton

Delicious chocolate apples, by Miss Aitken

Fantastic Book Awards, by Mrs Hayes

How kind are our class?, by Miss Davies

Democracy, by Miss Davies

Phonics Phenomena!, by Miss Davies

Halloween Fun!, by Miss Davies

Maths Mania, by Mrs Crompton

Skittles Investigation, by Mrs Eaton

Witches' potions!, by Miss Aitken

Cheeky Monkey goes missing!, by Mrs Roberts

Restart a Heart Day, by Mrs Roberts

Crawford Picnic, by Mrs Eaton

Crawford Royal Wedding, by Mr Crawford Village Primary School

Photos of our School Summer Fair, by Mr Crawford Village Primary School

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