Football Practice Thursday 21st September 2023

Date: 24th Sep 2023 @ 8:59pm

Thursday 21st September 2023

Football Practice

Here’s how it went.

After a quick warm up and stretch, Mr Brearley picked our partners and we started to do some dribbling and passing. We got into a square and we had to dribble the ball across to our partners. Then we had to avoid a ball that was being passed through the square. When it was our turn to pass, we had to pass with the inside of our foot, instead of our toes.

Then Mr Brearley chose three defenders and a goalie. Well, Charlie volunteered to be in net. He was great. The rest of the players were attackers, who had to get the ball past the defenders and try to score. The job of the defenders was to stop the attackers and kick the ball up field or out of play. This was great. The defenders won this about 15-2.

After that we practiced some shooting, first of all with no defenders, until Mr Brearley made it 1v1 and then we then went on to play 2 attackers vs 2 defenders, constantly switching the pairs. It was loads of fun.    

Finally we all got together to finish with some penalties.

Our favourite part was defending (we were great at it) and the penalties. Next week, we hope we will be able to play in a tournament, if we have enough players and if the weather is kind.

Thanks for reading.

Bella and Alex (Year 6 pupils)

I hope you like my drawings!

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