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The Importance of Science

Scientists at all levels, from children in the classroom to university researchers, use skills of investigation to find out more about the world around them. For the child, the importance of teaching science is because:
1. Scientific knowledge can give a deeper understanding of the world.
2. Scientific attitudes can foster their curiosity and develop enquiring minds.
3. Scientific skills can equip children with strategies for finding out independently and solving problems.
4. Science has, does and will continue to play a major role in our modern society.

A colloborative approach 

At Crawford Village Primary School, we value the voices of our students and our staff. Together, we have created our own idea of what science should look like in our school. On the left hand side are the responses from our students, and on the right hand side are the responses from our staff. We live out these ideas in each science lesson, ensuring children are engaged and using their working scientifically skills, whilst inspiring a love of science. 

Science pupil and staff voice.PNG

National Curriculum Science Programmes of Study

Links for children

Wow Science Links to science games and activities

Science for Kids Fun experimants, facts and games linked to science

Science Fun at Home Science activities that can be carried out at home

Science Games A selction of science games

Fun Science Games for Kids Further science games and activities for children

NASA Science - Space Place Lots of games to explore the universe and find galaxies

Please visit our Science blog for a glimpse of Science in action within our school.  A short-cut link can be found  here.

Please find below some examples of our work. 


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