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Our Design Technology Vision @ Crawford

At Crawford Village Primary School, we believe that Design Technology encourages inquisition and imagination, and promotes an engagement of children who may not ordinarily enjoy practical, hands-on activities.

Design Technology teaches children to be aware of the world around them, and to make rational, economic and ecological based decisions, and to understand how their decisions affect people and the environment.

In lessons, pupils explore different questions that life presents them, and develop skills and attitudes to tackle, investigate and find answers to these questions. Pupils will also work as part of a team to solve problems, and take part in class and group discussion, working through different roles, and taking on board constructive criticism. Children look at different situations around the world and consider ways in which design and technology could provide positive contributions and improve the quality of life.


As a school we have decided to follow a new and exciting scheme called Kapow. Design Technology consists of six different strands that are taught from EYFS up to Year 6.

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Primary Design And Technology | Early Years Resources


Cooking and Nutrition



Personalised Nutrition: how is science and technology driving the movement? 29,474 Clockwork Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock A Brief History of Fabric and Textiles


Digital World

Electrical Systems

Years 5/6

Digital World(1).jpg

KS2 DT project - make your own merry go round

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