Cooking and Nutrition

Teaching children about cooking and food can make a real difference to the quality of
their lives; it equips them with the confidence to make healthy food choices as well as
teaching them how to enjoy their food. Learning to cook from an early age can
contribute to maintaining a healthy weight, improving oral health and general health
and wellbeing.
Cooking is also a perfect tool for teachers to captivate and stimulate children’s
interest and enjoyment of food as well as building their self-confidence so they are
always proud of the dishes they have made.
In primary schools food education, including cooking and food skills is a statutory part
of the primary curriculum within design and technology and science. Elements of
healthy eating, especially the social aspects, should also be taught within PSHE.
Cooking and food can be taught through particular topics, be a topic itself, provide a
focus for literacy, numeracy and link to growing. Learning cooking and food skills
also prepares pupils for transition to secondary school where they will be taught more
formal food technology with opportunities to further develop their skills.

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