Music at Crawford

The Importance of Music

Music is a subject that can be accessed by everyone and one that celebrates the creativity and emotion within each of us.  It is a universal form of communication that can affect and change the way we think, feel and act. While clearly having its own intrinsic worth as a subject of study, music is an expressive art form that can help children to develop their self-confidence and to feel part of a group or community.

We provide opportunities for children to play in small groups or ensemble which helps to foster essential life skills such as co-operation, mutual support and respect and commitment.  We also organise and collaborate in projects to enable children to share their musical skills at different events both inside and outside of school.  Music also provides opportunities for pupils to develop the key skills of perseverance, problem solving and communication through sharing ideas, improving and appraising their own work and achieving their desired intentions when composing and performing.

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